Galileo Training CourseSubjects Covered: Galileo HELP, Best Buy, PNR data change and delete, PNR mandatory fields, PNR optional fields, building a complete PNR, car booking (CarMaster), changing segment status, classes of service, encode/decode cities, airports and airlines, fare quote, fares, flight availability, flight service information, hotel booking (RoomMaster), introduction to reducing/dividing PNRs, itinerary pricing, queues, rules, seat assignments, seat maps, sign-off, sign-on, storing a fare, tariff displays, ticketing.

Structure: 24 lessons, 5 quizzes, 1 final exam
(Additional 200 page workbook also available to purchase from 'Purchase Course' page)

Average Completion Time:
Online course 25 hours.(40 hours if in conjunction with book)

£199.00 / $A415.00

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