Temporary work has become a career in its own right, with more professional temps than ever before. No longer just the stop-gap between permanent jobs, Our Travel Trade Temps division has short & long term contracts for experienced travel industry professionals looking to work in corporate travel, tour operations, travel agents, airlines, reservations, ticketing, sales, marketing or administration and accounts.

Better Pay

In today's buoyant market, temporary workers are much in demand and many candidates find they can earn more pay as a temp than as a permanent person in the same position. Don't forget as a temp, you are paid for every hour you work and not just a set salary; so the more you work the more you can earn and our Travel Trade Temps Team guarantee the Best Rates of Pay

Increase Your Skills

Temping is excellent for broadening your skill set. Most temporary positions will introduce something new to add to your CV. Whether it is a new skill or expanding the experience you have already gained, you could discover a completely different area of strength.

Develop Your Commercial Experience In Different Industries

Gain business experience of working within different sectors e.g. tour operations or corporate travel; often popular industry sectors require similar experience when looking for permanent staff.

Change Of Direction

Temporary work can be an opportunity to try a different job without any commitment. This means that you have a unique opportunity to try out different vocations that might interest you.

Identify New Opportunities

If you are looking for a new permanent position, temporary work could be a way in through the back door. If new vacancies arrive whilst you are temping in a particular company, you may find yourself in the best position to approach managers regarding them. You may find you are approached regarding other permanent opportunities that you may not have considered or heard about. The job could be yours before the company even thinks about advertising it!


Temporary work gives you control over your working life. Assignments range from one day, to over a year, with any length of time in-between. This means that if you want to work for six months and travel, or work in school term time and take holidays off, you can.

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