The How to Operate the Amadeus GDS - Focus on Fares, Pricing, Ticketing and EMD Functionality

Training Introduction Navigation Tutorial
The Amadeus GDS Automated Fares and Ticketing
Basic Fare displays carrier specific fares, are displays for specific dates, Additional fare display options, Fare display follow up entries, Fare notes
Itinerary Pricing Best Buy Pricing, Stored Itinerary Pricing, Pricing Options, Practice of itinerary pricingPNR Fare Elements Ticketing, Ticket Exchange and Refund
Final Assessment Exam
Amadeus Emulator

Structure: 12 Lessons, 11 Drills, 3 Quizzes, 1 Exercises, 1 Exams
Average Course Completion Time: 20 hours

Cost: £110.00 / A$ £230.00