Sabre Training CourseDescription: A special package of all four comprehensive courses offering in-depth & advanced functionality and requirements for Sabre GDS. Covers everything you need to know to become an advanced user of the system including “airline reservations” & “automated fares & ticketing”

Subjects Covered:

Course 1 - Airline Reservations:
Agent assembly areas, ARNK segments, basic and advanced city pair availability, basic and advanced PNR fields, book/cancel/rebook/insert segments, calculator functions, calendar functions, change and delete PNR fields, change segment status, currency conversion, DRS, encode/decode, flight details displays, FOX, open segments, queues, reduce/divide party, retrieve PNR, passive segments, seat maps and assignments, sign in/out, STARs, waitlist segments.

Course 2 - Automated Fares and Ticketing:

"Bargain Finder" fare search, fare displays, fare rules, foreign currency fare displays, FP line, FP line delete, FP line form of payment, FP line validating carrier, print tickets, print tickets from queue, print tickets with no FP line, rebook itinerary using "Bargain Finder" entry, "Shopper's" fare display, WP entry, WP entry connection indicator, WP entry segment selection, WP entry sell city/ticket city, WP line passenger selection.

Course 3 - Rental Car Reservations:
Availability, availability from segment, availability redisplay and change, availability with modifiers, book from a shoppers car quote display, book from a single-company car quote, book from availability, book from referenced segment, book with optional modifiers, car information displays, car location lists, car quote redisplay and change, car rules displays, car segment modification, corporate car policy displays, direct connect link, extra-day/hour charge displays, local policy displays, shoppers car quote, shoppers car quote by segment, shoppers car quote from location list, shoppers car quote with modifiers, single-company car quote, single-company car quote by segment, single-company car quote from location list, single-company car quote with modifiers, vehicle codes.

Course 4 - Hotel Reservations:
SHAARP PLUS, book a hotel room, book direct, book from index, book with optional fields, description displays, description displays with modifiers, direct connect hotels, encode states and countries, guarantee policy, hotel segment modification, index, index by reference point, index from PNR segment, index redisplay and update, index with no dates, index with search qualifiers, rate description, reference point lists, reference points, search qualifiers.

Course 5 – Amtrak Reservations:
Subjects Covered: Accessing the Amtrak system, Displaying Amtrak station codes, Amtrak fares, Amtrak availability, Booking a reservation, Entering pricing instructions into an Amtrak itinerary, Best Buy Program, Ticketing an Amtrak itinerary, Claiming a PNR booked with Amtrak, Checking train status, Cancelling an Amtrak reservation, Amtrak DRS pages.

Course 6 - Tour Reservations:
Subjects Covered: Accessing Directours, Adding passenger details to the booking set, Applying payment to a Directours reservation, Make an Inclusive Tour Charter (ITC) booking, Display the product information, Add additional product components to a Directours booking, Edit the booking set, Apply a balance payment to a Directours booking, Accessing TourGuide, Displaying Tour Operator index, Display Tour Operator main menu, Search for tour availability, Book tour components, Confirm the booking, Display a TourGuide reservation, Update or modify a TourGuide booking, Apply payment to a TourGuide booking, Cancel a TourGuide reservation, Read Tour Operator's news and policies, Order brochures, Send a queue message to a Tour Operator, Accessing ORG/Travelfile, Advanced search function, Access miscellaneous ORG/Travelfile features, View new vendors and news, Use the mail and reservation managers, EZ destination search.

72 lessons, 24 exercises, 23 quizzes, 4 final exams (one final exam per course).

Time Given:
120 hours

Cost: £539.00 / $A1125.00

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