Galileo Training CourseSubjects Covered: ARNK segments, basic and advanced BF fields, basic and advanced BF retrieval entries, basic and advanced flight availability, basic and advanced timetables, book/cancel/rebook/insert segments, calculator functions, calendar functions, change segment status, change/cancel/reboot seat assignments, change/delete/insert BF fields, currency conversion, divide a party, encode/decode aircraft equipment, encode/decode airline names, encode/decode cities and airports, encode/decode countries, encode/decode states and provinces, flight details displays, open segments, passive segments, queues, seat availability maps and assignments, seat configuration maps, schedule changes, sign on and sign off, waitlist segments.

32 lessons, 10 exercises, 10 quizzes, 1 final exam.

Average Completion Time: 40 hours.

Cost: £199.00 / $A415.00

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