Sabre Training CourseSubjects Covered: Accessing Directours, Adding passenger details to the booking set, Applying payment to a Directours reservation, Make an Inclusive Tour Charter (ITC) booking, Display the product information, Add additional product components to a Directours booking, Edit the booking set, Apply a balance payment to a Directours booking, Accessing TourGuide, Displaying Tour Operator index, Display Tour Operator main menu, Search for tour availability, Book tour components, Confirm the booking, Display a TourGuide reservation, Update or modify a TourGuide booking, Apply payment to a TourGuide booking, Cancel a TourGuide reservation, Read Tour Operator's news and policies, Order brochures, Send a queue message to a Tour Operator, Accessing ORG/Travelfile, Advanced search function, Access miscellaneous ORG/Travelfile features, View new vendors and news, Use the mail and reservation managers, EZ destination search.

5 lessons, 1 final exam.

Average Completion Time: 10 hours.

Cost: £110 / $A230.00

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