Sabre Training CourseDescription: A specially designed course for experienced users of Apollo. This course will leverage your knowledge of Apollo to teach you Sabre in a fraction of the time.

Subjects Covered: Bargain Finder system, Direct Access, FOX, ICK, Multi Access system, PNR data change, PNR data delete, PNR mandatory fields, PNR optional fields, STARs, Total Access, agent assembly areas, arrival-unknown segment, booking-confirmed segments, calculator functions, car book, car lists, car policies, car quotes, car rules, change segment status, currency conversion, date and time functions, decode, divide a party, encode, fare quotes, flight availability, flight details, hotel book, hotel descriptions, hotel indexes, itinerary pricing (WP and FP), itinerary verification, open segments, printer functions, printing tickets, queues, rebook, reduce a party, rules, seat assignment, seat maps, segment insertion, signing in and out, ticketing, waitlist segments.

Structure: 15 lessons, 4 quizzes, 1 final exam.

Average Completion Time:
30 hours.

Cost: £110 / $A230.00

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