Course Description: Specially developed with IATA and UFTAA, this course teaches fares and ticketing from the GDS perspective. Students are taught how to construct fares for complex international itineraries using the IATA/UFTAA Fare Formula and the Mileage System.

Subjects Covered: Circle Trip Minimum check (CTM), Common Point Minimum check (CPM), Country of Origin Minimum (COM), Direct Fare Undercut Check (DFUC), EMA, EMS, Fare Break Point (FBP), Higher Intermediate Point (HIP), IATA areas, IATA/UFTAA Fare Formula, International Sales Indicators (ISI), Lowest Combination Principle (LCP), MPM, NUCs, One-way Backhaul Check (BHC), Round-the-World Minimum check (RWM), TPM, air fares, analysing itineraries, around-the-world journeys, circle trip fares, class differential, classes of service, connection points, constructed/calculated fare (CF), currency conversion, domestic travel, drawing map diagrams, end-on combinations, global indicators, governing carriers, international travel, journey types, limitations on indirect travel, linear fare construction, mileage displays, mixed class travel, normal fare open jaws, one-way journeys, open jaws, passenger ticket, permissible surface sectors, pricing record, rate of exchange table, retrieving fare displays, round trip fares, rules and conditions, side trips, special fare open jaws, stopover points, surcharge bands, surface sectors, taxes, ticketing.

Structure: 32 lessons, 7 quizzes, 1 final exam.

Average Completion Time: 45 hours.

Cost: £225 / $A468.

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