Sabre Training CourseSubjects Covered: Availability, availability from segment, availability redisplay and change, availability with modifiers, book from a shoppers car quote display, book from a single-company car quote, book from availability, book from referenced segment, book with optional modifiers, car information displays, car location lists, car quote redisplay and change, car rules displays, car segment modification, corporate car policy displays, direct connect link, extra-day/hour charge displays, local policy displays, shoppers car quote, shoppers car quote by segment, shoppers car quote from location list, shoppers car quote with modifiers, single-company car quote, single-company car quote by segment, single-company car quote from location list, single-company car quote with modifiers, vehicle codes.

Structure: 9 lessons, 3 exercises, 3 quizzes, 1 final exam.

Average Completion Time: 20 hours.

£110 / $A230.00

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